NCR, Evolution Robotics Announce Shrink-Reducing Checkout Solution

NCR and Evolution Robotics Retail announce that ERR's LaneHawk, which helps grocers eliminate most losses from bottom-of-basket shrink, is now available with NCR Advanced Checkout Solution (ACS) software and with the NCR SelfServ Checkout solution.

LaneHawk combines video with object recognition technology to detect and identify items left in the bottom of checkout baskets during checkout. LaneHawk alerts cashiers and automatically enters bottom-of-basket items into the shopper's order, reducing shrink. Since items do not need to be removed from the basket for scanning, checkout speed and shopper service are enhanced while doing away with cashier injuries from lifting heavy items from the bottom of the basket.

NCR SelfServ Checkout gives consumers the option to scan, bag and pay for goods on their own using cash or debit/credit cards. Featuring a user-friendly interface that guides consumers through the checkout process, it is designed to enhance customers' shopping experience, while helping retailers improve operational efficiency.
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