Near-Field Communications

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Near-Field Communications

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Near-Field Communications.

The retailer operates at nearly 800 campuses across the country and tailors each store to the unique needs of the student body. This RIS exclusive explores how it is able to create distinctive experiences and merchandising arrays at scale.

Download this special report to discover the three key technological advancements that are helping innovative retailers stay ahead of the curve in the store: POS, Inventory, and Employee Engagement.

Focusing on disruptive solutions and strategies that can deliver decisive outcomes in 2013 and beyond. Download this short list of the year's five key retail tech topics.
PLUS: 2013 NRF Wrap-Up Report

Proximity solutions, such as geo-fencing and iBeacons, sense when customers are within a certain location or area and enable interactions between the retailer and the customer via the customer’s smartphone. The following are five things retailers need to know about proximity-based solutions.

Retailers need to provide customers with the same level of personalization, accessibility and service both online and offline. Discover the seven technologies that are redefining the retail experience.

The ski and performance brand is placing the IoT technology in its latest line of jackets, allowing wearers to instantly engage in social conversations and share location-based information. Learn the details.

Relevance, replenishment, responsiveness, responsibility and returns are pillars of the ominichannel experience. Discover how RFID can help retailers supercharge their efforts.

Built on global case studies, the latest research from Planet Retail focuses on helping retailers select the right products to address their specific business issues.

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This IQ Report explores how leading retailers are delighting in-store customers with mobility, new payment options, and an engaging customer experience powered by the infrastructure of the future.

Following the recent Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches, many are touting EMV technology as the answer to protecting retailers and customers. Is EMV the cure-all many would like it to be? Here we look at what EMV can and can't do.

The 24th annual Retail Technology Study explores the obstacles and opportunities that retailers face during the era of intentional innovation. Download this benchmark study to discover the innovations that will shape retail in 2014.

Analytics company RetailNext Inc. has acquired Pikato, a Chicago-based company whose cloud-based software transforms retail mobile marketing channels into personal interactions between retailers and shoppers.

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