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Near-Field Communications

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Near-Field Communications.

A Smart Use of the EMV Liability Shift Deadline Extension: Improve Customer Experiences With AFD Technology

One benefit to the postponed EMV liability deadline: It’s a major opportunity to get the most bang for your buck — and meet new customer needs — by upgrading to the most modern automated fuel dispenser (AFD) technology. Learn how this tech helps retailers capitalize on a major consumer trend.

LocatorX Gives Retailers Another Tool in the Counterfeit Battle

Certification ensures that logistics and supply chain partners are shipping, receiving and delivering authentic products in whatever form they’re shipped.

The looming deadline for EMV compliance is putting pressure on c-stores and petroleum retailers and they cannot afford to ignore the steep economic risk associated with non-compliance.

This IQ Report explores how leading retailers are delighting in-store customers with mobility, new payment options, and an engaging customer experience powered by the infrastructure of the future.

Honeywell and Direct Source outline how hardware, software and integration partner choices can make or break customer satisfaction and retail ROI.

As retailers stockpile their stores with innovation after innovation they must be sure to solve these three key below-the-surface issues before entering execution mode.

Analytics company RetailNext Inc. has acquired Pikato, a Chicago-based company whose cloud-based software transforms retail mobile marketing channels into personal interactions between retailers and shoppers.

Proximity solutions, such as geo-fencing and iBeacons, sense when customers are within a certain location or area and enable interactions between the retailer and the customer via the customer’s smartphone. The following are five things retailers need to know about proximity-based solutions.

Relevance, replenishment, responsiveness, responsibility and returns are pillars of the ominichannel experience. Discover how RFID can help retailers supercharge their efforts.

This whitepaper explores how a single-vendor ERP software solution provides users with a unified platform, strong communication, data centralization, business intelligence, and reporting.

Having a POS that can accept mobile payment options and tackle the EMV migration is top of mind for many retailers. Find out what to do now to be prepared for the payment evolution in 2015.

Retailers push the innovation envelope to deliver the personalized experiences that customers expect

Built on global case studies, the latest research from Planet Retail focuses on helping retailers select the right products to address their specific business issues.

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