NEC Joins Microsoft and Intel to Offer Digital Signage Integration

Digital signage platforms that support digital content, interactivity, audience measurement intelligence and lifecycle management will be made available globally via a strategic relationship among Microsoft, Intel and NEC Corp.

NEC is joining the alliance between Intel and Microsoft that was announced in January 2010. NEC will integrate solutions and services, including content management and media distribution, with the digital signage platform based on Windows Embedded Standard 7 and the Intel Core i5/i7 processors. NEC's participation includes a strategic cloud computing collaboration.

Key elements of the combination include collaboration of new control devices and displays based on Intel Architecture; collaboration to develop software applications based on running Windows Embedded Standard 7 with Windows 7 technologies; audience measurement solutions; and upgrades to NEC's operation management functions.

"Interactive and intuitive digital signage that leverages cloud-based services presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers to greatly enhance the customer experience," said Greg Buzek, president of IHL Group. "By taking advantage of innovations being developed by technology leaders, OEMs [Original Equipment Manufacturers] can produce more streamlined and reliable digital signage solutions that will drive in-store sales through targeted, personal and effective customer connections."
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