Need a Primer on Location-Based Marketing? Digby Playbook Details Key Steps

Digby's Location-Based Marketing Playbook is a comprehensive "need to know" guide that provides retail and brand marketers with the key steps to planning and executing successful location-based marketing programs for engaging shoppers in and around their store locations through their mobile devices.

The playbook, based on the success of the Digby Localpoint platform, focuses on location-based marketing best practices and includes a quick-start checklist to help retailers and brands learn how to more effectively drive foot traffic through location-relevant mobile messaging, engage customers as they visit physical store locations, better understand shopper behavior and create new measures for brick and mortar store performance.

The Location-Based Marketing Playbook provides a detailed, yet reader-friendly "how-to" of location-based marketing for early adopters and for those retail and brand marketers who are just dipping their toes in mobile marketing waters. Strategies and topics discussed in the playbook include:

    Proper Geofencing and Location Planning: Where do I think my customers are, where do I want my customers to be, and when and where do I want to engage them?
    Campaign planning: What's happening now, how do I drive traffic, and how do I increase conversion while improving customer satisfaction?
    Store and competitive comparisons: How do I improve store operations based on location data and how do I compare my stores with other locations relevant to my brand?
    Campaign goals: How do I drive marketing results with campaigns that drive customer foot traffic or stimulate app engagement?
    Campaign results: How do I effectively evaluate and compare campaign results?

"Digby's approach to personalized marketing and location analytics, via the Localpoint platform, sets them apart from competing solutions. As a customer, we have realized tremendous value not only from the solution but also from Digby's customer success team who guided us every step of the way to implement location into our mobile shopping app," said Andy Steuer, founder and CEO, Punchcard. "This playbook is the perfect implementation companion for businesses looking to incorporate location-based marketing into their overall mobile marketing strategy."
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