Neiman Marcus Deploys Smartphones to 4,000 Full-Line Store Associates

Neiman Marcus has completed deploying smartphones loaded with its clienteling management application to the 4,000 associates in its full-line stores. The retailer had piloted its NM Service iPhone app in four stores earlier this year.

The app, developed by Signature, includes interfaces for both customers and associates. If a customer with the app loaded on her phone passes within range of sensors located at key entry points throughout the store, she will be alerted about which of her preferred sales associates are currently on the premises. Associates receive automatic notifications when one of their customers arrives in a store, complete with a Facebook photo to assist with visual recognition. They can also access a range of customer data, including both store and online purchase histories.

"We are so pleased that our associates are using the technology and the tools to communicate and serve their customers," said Neiman Marcus president and CEO Karen Katz during a recent conference call. "To give you an example of how technology is helping us strengthen the retlationship we have with our customers, Neiman Marcus store associates sent and received 200,000 text messages in the month of April alone."

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