Neiman Marcus' New Mobile App Gets Personal with FaceTime

Neiman Marcus may be a bit late to the mobile game, but the luxury retailer is coming in hot. Its new mobile app, NM app, bridges the gap between the retailer's virtual identity and its brick-and-mortar presence. Key features include shopping, stores to contact store associates via the app, InCircle to check points, events to view upcoming promotions, etc., and explore to follow the retailer's blog and watch videos.
The app also allows customers to search by department to locate or contact sales associates at any Neiman Marcus store via e-mail, text, phone call or FaceTime. Users may also choose to receive advance notice of upcoming store events or special offers.
"Our belief in the importance of providing exemplary customer service has been a core corporate value at Neiman Marcus for over 100 years," said Wanda Gierhart, chief marketing officer for Neiman Marcus Group. "The NM App is the perfect mobile companion to enhance your shopping experience. We look forward to using this cutting edge technology to make our customer relationships even stronger."
This isn't Neiman Marcus' first time in the mobile space, though. The retailer also has an NM Gifts app, that provides customers with special deals and the ability to browse through gifts. The NM Action app, offers video and additional about items in the Christmas Book. In 2012, the retailer piloted the NM Service app, which allowed customers to send messages to sales associates, arrange for products to be placed in dressing rooms before they arrived and view what associates were on the floor. At the same time, sales associates could view customers' purchase history, were notified when a preferred customer entered the store and accessed customers' Facebook photos to help them identify shoppers.
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