New Apple Based POS Platform Launched

Global Bay has integrated its Apple mobile point-of-sale solution with the Demandware Commerce platform to begin offering seamless mobile POS fully integrated with e-commerce for retailers. Retailers that use the Demandware Commerce platform as the infrastructure behind their eecommerce Web sites will now be able to implement Global Bay’s patented mobile POS, inventory management, or enterprise software solutions.
“Retailers have seen the phenomenal success of the mobile POS deployment in the Apple stores and want to figure out how to they can replicate the Apple experience in their stores,” said Global Bay CEO Sandeep Bhanote. “In the past, retailers deploying mPOS have been constrained because they had to integrate with their in-store POS technology, which is costly and technically challenging. As part of the Demandware LINK community we are now providing retailers the opportunity to deploy mobile POS in a simple and cost-effective way.”

Global Bay’s retail software improves store operations by providing retailers with mobile solutions that drive in-store traffic, streamline operations, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience. The GB Mobile Platform provides a singular technology that supports all of a retailer’s mobile solution needs while leveraging current back end technology investments.
The Global Bay mPOS solution, built on the Apple iPod/iPhone platform and integrated to Demandware, enables retailers to:
  • Sell anywhere—in the store or out of the store—for goods on hand or in the distribution center
  • Empower store associates with hand-held access to all product and customer information managed in the Demandware platform
  •  Deploy online cross-sell and up-sell recommendations either based on customer information or product information in store
  • Increase selling space in the store by reducing reliance on bulky legacy POS terminals
  • Deploy “line busting” devices during flash sales or holiday seasons
“Global Bay is a market-leader in the rapidly evolving market of mobile point-of-sale solutions built on the Apple hardware platform, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our LINK community,” said Jamus Driscoll, vice president of marketing at Demandware. “With Global Bay’s integration to the Demandware platform, Demandware clients can now fully merge the online and offline customer experience for their consumers and empower the brand to sell anything, to any consumer, anytime and anywhere.”
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