New Avery Dennison Fastening System Ideal for Whiskering and Prewashing Operations

The fastener division of Avery Dennison Retail Information Services has developed what it reports is a fast, highly versatile Plastic Staple system, which offers advanced productivity and energy-saving features, and is also easy to maintain.

The Plastic Staple ST9500TM System attaches tickets and tags to apparel items using Plastic Staple ST9500TM fasteners, improving productivity in apparel-finishing operations, especially those involving bottoms.

"The new Plastic Staple ST9500 System can speed up finishing operations, which have traditionally been an apparel-manufacturing bottleneck," says John Earley, worldwide business development manager for Avery Dennison Fastener Division, who says that the system can increase fastening productivity dramatically compared to other products on the market.

The System consists of the ST9500TM Attacher, two needles available in fine-fabric and ultra-fine-fabric versions, and ST9500TM Plastic Staple fasteners, which are dispensed from a continuous reel containing 25,000 fasteners. 

The semiautomatic, operator-actuated system features a low-maintenance direct-drive motor, and the fasteners used with the system have greater tensile strength than standard Plastic Staple fasteners, yet can still be easily removed by hand.

"In addition to fast ticket attachment, the ST9500 System is also ideal for whiskering and prewashing operations, which give a faded or vintage appearance to jeans, increasing their perceived value," says Earley. "This is not the case with existing products, introduced over 18 years ago, because they were designed solely for attaching waistband tickets and pocket flashers, not for whiskering. The stronger ST9500TM Plastic Staple fasteners can hold multiple pleats of denim tightly together during the washing process. Later, they can be easily removed by hand."

Additionally, the needle spacing is adjustable so that with just one staple size (12 millimeters) the needles can be set widely apart to secure thinner denim layers, or set more narrowly to secure thicker layers.

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