New Fabric Improves Comfort, Protection for FR Apparel

Mount Vernon FR released its newest innovation in the flame resistant fabric industry, AMTEX TC.

AMTEX TC is a collection of cotton and Tencel blends created for Total Comfort, and the new line addresses the challenge of maximizing both comfort and durability in protective workwear fabrics. Mount Vernon FR will officially launch the AMTEX TC collection at the 2013 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo, which will be held Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Chicago.

AMTEX TC combines comfort, strength and a high level of protection so workers don't have to make any tradeoffs. Currently offered in 7.9-ounce and 8.4-ounce twill, AMTEX TC fabrics are unique in that they increase both comfort and durability without sacrificing the protection demands of the FR industry.

One of the primary fibers in AMTEX TC fabrics, Tencel, is a cellulosic fiber similar to cotton, but with added strength to create protective fabrics that withstand tough jobs. Despite their strength, AMTEX TC fabrics feel lighter than they actually are, which enhances the comfort of garments made with the fabric. Enhanced comfort increases the probability that workers will wear garments correctly, and reduces risk of injury due to improper wear.

"Innovation is key to success in this industry as our customers continue to demand more from their FR garments," said Craig Tutterow, technical director of Mount Vernon FR Fabrics. "That means we have to continue to develop new fabrics – such as our AMTEX TC collection – that improve optimum physical performance and provide our customers with value-added products and benefits."

Safety managers today are looking for FR garments that will keep their workers safe and productive – workwear that combines comfort, durability and flame resistance. Mount Vernon FR AMTEX TC fabrics accommodate these industry needs while also meeting the standards for NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506 and NFPA 2112*.

"We're always aiming to provide new fabrics and finishes to our customers that provide solutions to industry demands, but as a manufacturer of flame resistant fabrics, our number one priority always has to be protection" said Mike Woods, vice president of FR fabrics for Mount Vernon FR. "We're excited to launch AMTEX TC because it not only meets protection needs, but also maximizes comfort, which is often overlooked in protective garments."
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