New Fashion Brand Encourages Mindful Tech Usage

Named for the nostalgic and defiant of convention, Folk Rebellion is driven by a mission to raise hell for living well in real life (#IRL), encouraging people to become mindful of the technology they use.  With an eclectic e-commerce store and passionate online community, Folk Rebellion is igniting conversations about the effects of technology and inspiring a generation of plugged-in people to think twice before picking up their device.

"We've reached a tipping point where ninety percent of millennials are sleeping with their smartphones, and Americans are more panic stricken to lose their Wi-Fi than water," said Jess Davis, chief rebel, Folk Rebellion. "Folk Rebellion represents a rally cry for this generation to rebel against technology replacing real life."

The lifestyle brand is not anti-tech and doesn't discount the global benefits technology allows, but Folk Rebellion does believe that the meaningful use of technology and the practice of making choices to control personal tech devices will become more and more important.

"We know that touch screens and digital distractions are here to stay, but we also know that Wi-Fi-free corners of the world are becoming more coveted and that people are craving ways to control their connectivity," continued Davis. "We are on the brink of the next counterculture movement, and thrilled to be at the forefront of it."  

Folk Rebellion discovered that the best way to encourage people to set boundaries and balances around their technology is to reach them where they are: online. @FolkRebellion on Instagram is used as a friendly elbow nudge to put the phone down by sharing facts, data and inspiration that break up the typical newsfeed, Facebook allows the brand to share articles with important unplugging info, and twitter connects the brand with other like-minded individuals. features vintage-style tees that are designed to spark thoughtful dialogue about the new screened-in world, while a curated collection of nostalgic products rewinds to a simpler time.  A portion of all profits are donated to the Children & Nature Network, helping to create a world where every child can play, learn and grow outdoors and away from screens.
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