New Film Explores the Future of Clothing

The clothing industry accounts for a significant part of the world's pollution, but are there innovative ways to make it more sustainable? Is the concept of clothing on the verge of a dramatic shift? The new documentary The Next Black, launching globally May 21 on YouTube, investigates whether new technology and innovative fabrics will transform the way we produce and wear clothing.

Is the fashion industry about to experience the same digitalization as the music industry once did? Or will we return to creating fewer quality garments and caring for what we wear? Will cotton and leather be a memory when we learn how to grow biodegradable clothes using green tea on a large scale?

The Next Black is a film comprising a set of stories about the next innovations within clothing. Starring pioneers such as Patagonia, adidas, Biocouture and Studio XO, the film answers some of the industry's burning questions around topics such as fast fashion and wearable technology.

"We've been tackling the question of clothing's future from many sides, meeting with businesses and designers who present multiple, sometimes intertwining viewpoints on the future of sustainability, technology and mass production," says Philip Marthinsen, one of the producers behind the film. "Some scenarios such as digital skin might sound radical, but many people probably would have said the same thing if we had predicted the future of the music industry back in the mid 90s."

Some of the influencers included in The Next Black:
  • Nancy Tilbury from Studio XO; a fashion house that merges technology and fashion, and specializes in creating interactive stage costumes for performers such as Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas
  • Suzanne Lee from Biocouture, a consultancy with the mission to explore how living organisms can grow clothing and accessories
  • Rick Ridgeway from Patagonia, an outdoor brand focused on sustainable consumption and manufacturing
The film was initiated by home appliance manufacturer AEG, with the goal of proactively engaging in a dialogue about the future of clothing, as well as discovering new ways to develop a more sustainable clothing industry. The film was produced in collaboration with production agency House of Radon (behind the award-winning documentary PressPausePlay). The official trailer has already gained international attention from its feature at and from international supermodel Coco Rocha, who shared the trailer with her fans.
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