New GERBERplotter Focuses on Durability

Gerber Technology launched its next generation pattern plotters, the GERBERplotter® MP Series, which is engineered to offer long-term reliability and maximize users' return on investment.

Constructed of high-grade aluminum and injection-molded parts, all MP series components are designed for durability, even in the most challenging manufacturing environments. The MP Series' design minimizes moving parts and uses optimized and consolidated circuitry, ensuring long term reliability while making it easy to service and maintain. LED indicators on the front of the unit show the machine's current status, including when preventative maintenance needs to be performed. Those indicators, along with low cost and easy to use preventive maintenance kits, help ensure maximum uptime.

"We designed the MP Series plotter with the understanding that reliability is our customers' number one concern," said Ron Ellis, senior product manager, Gerber Technology. "Through several unique and innovative engineering enhancements, we've created a plotter we know can withstand the stresses of a high-volume production environment for a very long time."

The MP Series can consistently print on as light as 20 gram paper using either standard HP 51645A ink cartridges or Gerber's proprietary Ultra ink, which delivers up to 20 percent more print yield at up to 20 percent less cost than OEM cartridges. These new consumable options greatly reduce operating costs, allowing users to quickly maximize their return on investment. Additional options such as its 100lb (45kg) Take-Up Bar and Print Head Parking Station make it extremely versatile. The 100lb take up bar allows for continuous printing over extended periods of time by increasing throughput capacity, while the Print Head Parking Station cleans the print heads after every plot, preventing clogging if the plotter is idle for extended periods.

In addition to its durability and versatility, the MP Series represents the fastest plotter Gerber has ever offered, printing up to 180 square meters per hour at 300 dpi resolution. Its sleek design and 40db noise level make it ideal for office environments as well as production floors.

With the GERBERPlotter MP Series, paper is loaded low to the floor and in the front of the plotter, making paper changing less strenuous and easy for one person to perform. Paper clips on the take up bar now eliminate the need for taping, and the MP Series' specially designed, extra sharp paper cutter makes transitioning print jobs quick, clean and easy, no matter now light the paper. In addition, the MP Series is equipped with an automatic paper feeder which precisely measures the proper amount of paper necessary to begin a job, eliminating paper waste and making the loading process more efficient.

"This plotter is based on feedback from thousands of users around the world who have stated that reliability, consumable options and performance are the key requirements in a next generation plotter," said Mike Elia, president and CEO of Gerber. "With companies around the world carefully analyzing all capital expenditures, we're pleased that the new capabilities of the MP Series enable our customers to reduce costs and operate more efficiently."

The GERBERplotter MP Series is available with either two or four print heads. Four heads deliver optimal print speed. Users can also choose either a 1.8- or 2.2-meter-wide system.
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