New From Hot Stuff, Stylish Protective Workwear for Women


Hot Stuff™ Safetywear, an upscale brand of flame-resistant clothing (FRC), has launched its first collection of jumpsuits and separates in the United States. The brand is poised to disrupt the male-dominated safety wear space, an industry unreflective of the changing STEM demographic.

Founded by Jaime Glas, a petroleum engineer out of Austin, Hot Stuff™ offers safe, comfortable, functional and flattering FRC options for women, a rarity in the market. Hot Stuff™ Safetywear uses current fashion trends and hopes to revolutionize the image of personal protective apparel for the next generation of working women.

“From the instant I suited up in my first pair of flame-resistant coveralls at Chevron in 2010, I knew there had to be a better option,” recalls Glas. “I was immediately determined to design better coverall options – ones made with women in mind.”

For those in traditionally male-dominated industries where FRC clothing is a mandate, such as the oil & gas industry for Glas, options for women are limited. Most resort to purchasing men’s apparel – finding themselves left wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothing during their work day.

Glas continues, “The unshapely clothing, beyond being a safety hazard, was awkward. It was frustrating to see the limited options I had, and I never felt my best while in the field. Growing up, I always had two diverging interests: in fashion and math. While I chose to follow my love of math into engineering, I didn’t understand why I needed to sacrifice my love of clothes, my personal expression, at work.”

Hot Stuff™ offers women, for the first time, an assortment of styles to call their own. While safety and comfort are at the core of each item, the line is feminine, modern and full of personality – just like Glas herself. Each style in the line is named for a fellow female engineer that has inspired Glas along the way in her career.

“Most importantly,” Glas finishes, “I made this brand to help build the confidence of the women I work with every day and to show younger women there’s absolutely nothing that needs to be sacrificed when entering the STEM fields."

With select styles already available online, the full collection, Collection 1, is set to launch in September. Ranging in price from $180 to $200, the line is ready to transform the FRC market, elevating expectations for women’s workwear along the way.

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