New iPhone App Lets Brand Fans Shop Global Window Displays of Luxury Labels

With NYC Fashion Week coming to a close, Turnhills has officially launched its free window-shopping mobile app, which allows users to get updated storefronts for premium brands such as Diesel, Guess, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, as well as others, via their iPhones and iPads.

"The difference between commonplace shopping and shopping at a flagship store is huge," said Jeroen Verrezen, cofounder of Turnhills. "The large storefronts of flagship stores often have more displays for a more complete window shopping experience. We're giving people the best shopping experience without them actually having to go to a shopping capital."

A flagship storefront shows what is available at every single store for a particular brand. By using this app, shoppers can learn what's in store locally, too. Turnhills currently peaks at 37 apparel brands in NYC, including luxury brands such as Prada, Burberry and Coach, and will be adding more brands in the coming weeks.

"A New York City storefront displays the very best of what brands have in store," said Verrezen, "so anyone with a heart for brands will find our app useful. We're uniting the best shopping capitals into one place, making a combined experience."

Rigorously updated, the app provides real-time content from shopping districts around the world. Users swipe through districts to view the latest arrivals and fashion trends, upon which they can create a wishlist to prepare for future shopping trips, in case users are less patient they can buy items through linked web stores.

Pictures are taken in different shopping capitals all around the world, depending on the location of a brands most beautiful store. "New York is the best place to start," said Verrezen, "but again, we want to unite other shopping capitals. London really sets itself apart from the rest of the world with its cultural fashion and beautiful creative concept stores. We want everyone to enjoy that."

Verrezen's praise for displays is more than pure esthetical. Brands use their stores to create experiences that surround and enhance their products. With an app like Turnhills, a brand can give shoppers a full storefront journey: the fashion, the experience, the brand's state of mind, all included.

The app also hints at additional features. Details are pending, but Turnhills is looking to refine how shoppers interact with brands and each other — a bold, yet intriguing attempt to close the gap between on- and offline shopping. More can be learned at
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