New Motorola Scanner Handles Mobile Barcodes, Too

Motorola Solutions, Inc., a provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, announced the MP6000 multi-plane scanner/scale, an imaging-based bioptic solution that will help customers quickly checkout at retail stores. With its modular design and embedded customer side scanner for expanded functionality, this point-of-sale (POS) device allows cost-conscious retailers to scan 1D and 2D bar codes and engage with shoppers' smartphones. The MP6000 will be unveiled at NRF in New York City on Jan. 14.

Designed for supermarkets, hypermarkets, mass merchandisers, discount stores, home improvement stores, and warehouse clubs, the MP6000 easily scans traditional paper-based bar codes as well as mobile coupons and bar codes delivered on the screen of a mobile device.

The MP6000's flexible design can grow with a retailer's needs and will include modules such as a scale to weigh produce and expansion ports for connection to handheld scanners and electronic article surveillance (EAS) devices while providing expandability for future requirements such as RFID.

Retailers can choose an optional embedded customer side scanner to engage with current and future consumer smartphone apps. This will enable shoppers to scan both traditional paper-based and mobile loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards or even small impulse buys while the cashier scans other items in the order.

To help move customers quickly through the checkout process and eliminate the challenge of trying to align the bar code "just right," the MP6000 will provide full six-sided coverage with 100 percent imaging technology offering excellent performance and better read rates than laser or hybrid bioptic scanners on damaged, poorly printed and overwrapped bar codes.

Motorola's MP6000 multi-plane scanner utilizes no moving parts and will yield at least 30 percent less power consumption per lane compared to current laser-based bioptic scanners - helping retailers reduce their repair costs and carbon footprint.

Complimentary end-to-end remote management software from Motorola enables the configuration of MP6000s and their attached peripherals anywhere in the world helping empower IT organizations to reduce costs.
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