New OptiTex Color Tool Enhances Design, Collaboration Capabilities

OptiTex has added a new tool, Color Manager, to its 3D Runway Designer software.

Color Manager offers optimal communication between the designer and the manufacturer, providing designers with a greater degree of color control over their collections.

The new tool provides significant advantages over the old Windows color unit, OptiTex reports. Color Manager facilitates designers' ability to select a color scheme for both individual garments and full collections and to provide the scheme to everyone involved in the design process.

The Color Manager is divided into three main sections. The first is Color Pickers and Color Spaces, which supports four-color spaces: RGB, HSV (hue, saturation, value/brightness), CMYK and HEX (hexadecimal).

The second, Harmonious Color Schemes, is for work in monochromatic colors.

Finally, the Color Banks section allows designers to create, edit and store color schemes in color banks, facilitating collaboration among users and more efficient communication with other graphic software.

Designers can now choose and change colors in real time and view the results immediately. Previously, designers could neither see the colors and how they matched nor convey them to others accurately, OptiTex reports.

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