New Platform Accelerates Enterprise Commerce Initiatives

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New Platform Accelerates Enterprise Commerce Initiatives


Commercetools’ new solution is designed to help enterprises more quickly launch their commerce initiatives, a particularly timely goal given today’s environment of unprecedented online demand.

The Commercetools Accelerator enables retailers to easily connect to their back-end systems, such as CRM, ERP and OMS; integrate complex product catalogues; and add such channels as POS, voice, chat and IoT.

Built on the company’s API-based enterprise commerce platform, the solution includes one of the most advanced Progressive Web App (PWA) storefront ends from Vue.

It helps solve such current retail pain points as:

  • Existing commerce platforms not being designed to scale to meet high demand and handle peak performances;
  • Time-to-market issues with adding critical business functionality such as click-and-collect solutions; and
  • Product data importing challenges to easily import data and make it available to any sales channel.

The company offers 60-day free trials to retailers and brands that want to test the launch of new commerce functionality and specific commerce projects.

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