New Platform Offers Market Intelligence for E-commerce

ForNova has launched Sparks Market Intelligence solution providing real-time, actionable insights that aims to give retailers and brands a significant competitive advantage.

Sparks Market Intelligence provides real-time, industry-specific insights that help retailers make smarter, knowledge-based, strategic decisions and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Sparks' business-critical insights cover multiple business dimensions including competitive pricing, assortment & coverage, replenishing & availability, promotions & sales, online merchandising, social traction, and market position. Reliable and detailed data extraction coupled with unprecedented product matching enables Sparks to yield more accurate results.

"Large retailers and brands need a broad market view covering the big picture, so they can make the right - and most profitable -- decisions," said Amir Freund, CEO, ForNova. "Sparks Market Intelligence provides them with essential insights for multiple product and business dimensions."

Sparks Market Intelligence addresses the extensive requirements within the retailer/brand organization. Online and core merchandizers can track market trends and advise on assortment changes, pricing departments can fine-tune pricing based on competitive insights, and marketing personnel can adjust marketing campaigns accordingly.

"With the click of a button, Sparks uncovers revenue opportunities so our clients can identify and capitalize on market trends as well as better compete locally and globally, strengthening both their brick-and-mortar and online market positions and driving them to the forefront of the competition," concluded Dori Stein, vice president, business development.

The Sparks Market Intelligence solution is available for apparel (fashion retailers and brands), telco (mobile retailers and network carriers), and travel (hotel chains and online travel agencies).
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