New Products from AdvanceWare Solutions, AL Systems, ASAP of Georgia and Avery Dennison Printer Systems


AdvanceWare Solutions Inc. has released AdvancePro Apparel, an inventory and order management solution designed for small- to medium-sized apparel enterprises. The system incorporates the features of the firm's AdvancePro 5.0, which is built for wholesalers, distributors, importers/exporters and online retailers, plus additional tools to enable apparel users to create and track unlimited variations for their apparel products. Each variant can have its own stock, cost, selling price and weight. Users can automatically generate SKU numbers for product variations. The package is available for less than $1,000.

AL Systems has added the option to include Genesta's SyVox speech logistics software as part of its DynaPick paperless picking and putting applications. The speech-directed technology helps free the hands and eyes of mobile retail workers, enabling their companies to achieve greater accuracy and increased productivity as well as to reduce the risk for accidents, said Paul Lightfoot, president and CEO of AL Systems. The SyVox technology is compatible with a variety of mobile hardware devices, including off-the-shelf pocket PCs. It also is multimodal. In other words, it can retrieve data in response to voice prompts as well as commands sent via keyboard, barcode scanner and RFID. AL Systems is offering the DynaPick/SyVox solution for $3,500 per device, which it reports is less than half the price charged by its competitors.


ASAP of Georgia Inc. has incorporated dashboard technology into its solution. ASAP Dashboards, which can be customized for individuals, groups of users or specific circumstances, provide an all-in-one glimpse of the status of key performance metrics, such as sales orders by date, the finished goods PO schedule, in-transit shipments from global sources and critical path issues. As part of the dashboard view, there is an event calendar that graphically displays key events of the month, with color-coding to highlight the most important information. ASAP of Georgia reports that the new dashboard features evolved from its software's ability to track the time, date, user, batch number and total value of important company events.

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Avery Dennison Printer Systems has released the Avery Dennison Label Management System (LMS) to support a range of labeling requirements and applications, including basic barcode label design, thermal transfer label printing and RFID compliance labeling in network or stand-alone modes. The Windows-based program is available in three versions to accommodate different labeling environments and user requirements. In addition, there is a new driver for T.L. Ashford's Barcode400 software that supports Avery Dennison 6400 series RFID benchtop printers. The driver enables T.L. Ashford's barcode software, which runs on many AS/400, iSeries and eserver i5 systems in the apparel and retail industry, to transmit the information required to design, encode and print "smart labels" to 6400 series RFID printers.

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