New Research Shows 30 Percent of Total E-Comm Traffic Comes From Smartphones, Tabs

Branding Brand, a mobile commerce platform to major retailers, released the results of its Mobile Commerce Index for April 2013.

The Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index is a compilation of mobile sites developed by Branding Brand for retailers across a variety of industries including apparel, health and beauty, and home goods. The Index is the largest collection of data on commerce sites specifically designed for smartphones, as opposed to non-optimized desktop sites with mobile traffic.

Compared to April 2012, the Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index showed the following year-over-year market share gains for the 18 mobile sites tracked during both periods:                           
  • Smartphone visits increased 60 percent                                         
  • Tablet visits increased 50 percent                                                     
  • Smartphone orders increased 85 percent                                         
  • Tablet orders increased 52 percent                                                   
  • Smartphone revenue increased 57 percent                                        
  • Tablet revenue increased 44 percent                                                  
Additional data points, along with accompanying graphs, are available here.

"Our numbers show that 30 percent of total e-commerce traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets," said Chris Mason, Branding Brand co-founder and CEO. "Every month, we're arming ourselves with additional insight. This is more than the future of mobile; it's the future of commerce."
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