New Social Network Connects Fashion Pros

Fashion, design and marketing agency Ingenium has launched a new mobile platform for fashion professionals. Available today on iOS and Android, the Ingenium app and community allows fashion talent to build a portfolio and their own brand while gaining followers and connecting with industry professionals. Ingenium app can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

"The focus is on the fashion," says Valentin Lieu, the app's lead developer. "That's what you see on every screen of the app. Ingenium is about gaining support and encouragement, seeking advice, and understanding our personal niche as fashion professionals."

The app also helps aspiring talent to showcase their work, get discovered, and land a job in the fashion industry. To meet that goal, Ingenium goes far beyond hosting an online fashion portfolio. Users can like and follow designs they love, or comment directly to the author. It encourages users to explore, seek inspiration, share ideas and collaborate.

"I see an abundance of fashion talent struggling to find an effective way to broadcast who they are and what makes them special," says Christian Woelk of Adicto, a design firm in Switzerland, which worked with Ingenium to design the app. "Now they have a powerful, mobile community that gets everyone talking."

This, perhaps, makes Ingenium's most talked about feature offline: it promotes real conversations as a jumping off point for collaboration in the real world between talented individuals and industry pros. An integrated search allows anyone to find specific talent, skills, and expertise when trying to cast a professional for a gig.

The app also benefits from the work of Robert Markovski and his team at LeadTheWay, an app development firm that worked closely with Ingenium to successfully translate concepts of UX and UI into an exceptionally high-speed app experience.

Ingenium is available today and optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android, with an expanded iPad version available soon. The team has further plans to create a website, client and agent portals, sponsored contests, and other programs to spotlight up-and-coming talent.

Ingenium can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
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