New Software, Machinery to be Unveiled at Triennial Event


The SPESA Expo, Material World and Technology Solutions events will take place May 18-20 in Miami

From the latest versions of software to global contracting resources to new zipper pulls and heat transfer machinery, a new three-in-one trade show event for the apparel and sewn products industry will offer these products and services, plus an array of educational programs, this May in Miami.

Running May 18-20 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Material World, SPESA Expo 2004 and Technology Solutions will offer attendees the opportunity to use one show badge to access the three shows.

Co-hosted and produced by the Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA), the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and Urban Expositions, the events will feature approximately 500 exhibits focused on machinery and equipment, fabric/findings, sourcing and information technology. Educational conferences and seminars addressing a range of issues and trends also will take place throughout the events.

SPESA Expo 2004 will present machinery and technology resources, while Material World, an official event of the AAFA, will offer a wide range of fabrics and trims, trend pavilions and full-package sourcing options. The event's third component, Technology Solutions, will showcase information technology. One of the key participants in the creation of Technology Solutions has been the AAFA's Supplier Resource Division (SRD).

Following is part two of Apparel's pre-show coverage, offering a sampling of products some of the exhibitors will showcase, along with some exhibitors' perspectives on the No. 1 business challenge facing their customers.

Automated Components International will exhibit a variety of new products, including: the PK600LF pressing heat transfer machine with automatic robotic label feed for individual labels or appliqus; the PK600RF Pressing 600 heat transfer machine with automatic application of transfers on a roll; a new line of FM series fusing machines for fusing small parts of less than 24 inches wide; the XL75 part and pocket creasers; and a new line of hanger dispensers for affixing a variety of different style hangers to many types of garments and other products. "One of our customers' biggest challenges is being able to offer quick turn around of their products," notes Joseph Hollander, president. "One of the ways we assist our customers in meeting this need is to provide 24-hour service on new die patterns for their creasing needs."

Banyan Apparel Group will offer short-run full packages of men's and women's woven bottoms. "Our factory is running 21 modules, producing up to 70 styles per week," notes Ray Princiotta Sr., president. The company's deliveries are approximately three weeks minimum to six weeks maximum from receipt of fabric. Based in Miami with production facilities in the Dominican Republic, Banyan has implemented a real-time enterprise information system, BanyanLink, which allows customers to track the flow of their orders from start to receipt of finished goods at their distribution centers. "BanyanLink will also allow users to set up their own preferences to be notified as critical events occur," Princiotta adds.

Business Management Systems (BMS) will feature its Vertex software suite for managing the global apparel manufacturing process. Vertex's functionality starts at the concept of a garment and continues through to delivery of the finished product to the customer, BMS reports, and is designed to keep different departments in an enterprise connected and collaborative during the process. The Vertex suite consists of a product lifecycle management solution, Vertex PLM (live demonstrations will be available during the show), a core product data management solution, Vertex PDM (with available add-on PLM modules) and Materials Manager, an application designed to manage raw materials assets. The suite is designed to manage product lifecycle activities globally, and to offer visibility of the manufacturing calendar through a process-driven workflow tracking utility.

Cox Group Inc. will demonstrate its proprietary rotary die cutting system for web widths up to 25 inches. "The primary business challenge facing our customers is finding cost savings opportunities while maintaining or improving quality," notes William Cox, president.

Demand Management Inc. will feature its Demand Solutions Stores (DS Stores). Designed as an account management system, DS Stores enables store-level replenishment for manufacturers and distributors who must track millions of items in more than 1,000 locations. "As a result, companies are able to optimize shelf inventory down to the store level, reducing costs while increasing inventory turns, sell-through profits and customer service levels," notes Kate Sommer, marketing manager.

Diamond Needle Corp. will exhibit its new catalog for embroiderers. The catalog features new Organ needles for embroidery machines and an expanded line of repair parts, accessories and supplies. "The No.1 business challenge of the 21st century is productivity," says sales manager Cliff Bolder, who notes that Diamond Needle works from "a huge inventory" to supply needles designed to improve the quality, efficiency and economy of its customers' production.

EFKA of America will introduce the AB221A and AB321A universal controllers for use with the DC1500 and DC1550 compact motors, respectively. These controllers may be used with a wide range of lockstitch, chainstitch and overlock machines through selectable functional sequences. "These controls are also capable of user-customized programming for specially designed sewing work stations or automats using the EFKA C200 compiler," notes Chris Godek, sales manager.

ETIFLEX Corp. will exhibit its new zippers pulls, which can be folded over and put together with a peel-and-stick adhesive. The firm also will show heat seal labels that require no stitching. "Nobody wants to use stitching anymore, so we are offering a full line of heat seal labels with different heat seal adhesives for each substrate," notes vice president Alicia Margulis.

Forest Group USA will exhibit ACP-BCP blind stitching and overlock stitching machines with a conveyor table designed to move larger pieces of fabric back and forth for faster and more consistent production. "We offer a high level of automation and short training [time]," notes president Will Knieper, who says he is responding to his customers' challenges of finding good operators and overcoming long training times.

G. & G. Florida Inc. will exhibit its new siliconized foam padding, SOFT-FIX SRS021, SRS024 and MICROPAD ES003, press cover material for pressing machines and vacuum tables. The products are extremely porous and elastic, reports president Guenter A. Schirmer, who notes that the products are manufactured by Germany-based Microlite, a leading European press cover company. Regarding his customers' greatest challenge, Schirmer says: "The fabrics of garments are more and more delicate and sophisticated. The raw material, construction and chemical finish of fabrics require special processing in cutting, sewing and ironing/pressing."

Gerber Technology will showcase WebPDMT version 4.1. Gerber reports that version 4.1 offers functionality for improved productivity and easier use, including: faster creation of PDF documents; and expanded browser capability that gives remote users greater read/write access to the most current information from any computer equipped with Microsoft Internet Explorer, without installing additional software. The new version also features: an enhanced retail cost sheet to enable retailers to compare bids from multiple vendors and import data from the bill of materials; added points-of-measure functionality to enable users to edit two pages in one step; and the ability to print documents using multiple servers for faster output. At the show, Gerber also will demonstrate how its "full-package solution" can give contractors "the tools they need to meet challenging deadlines," notes Debbie Marconi, public relations manager.

Groz Beckert USA Inc. will exhibit its special application needle, SAN 5 GEBEDUR, a titanium nitride-coated needle developed for sewing technical textiles. "More and more technical textiles require a varied combination of different materials, frequently coated or bonded with foam material. The SAN5 needle was developed to eliminate the known application problems related to processing of such materials," notes Ron Russell, assistant sales manager.

GSD Ltd. will be exhibiting GSD version 4.3 EnterpriseT costing and engineering software, including: GSD Version ControlT, which tracks product cost through the product cycle; GSD Line BalanceT; and GCDT for Cutting Room Quantification. The company reports that GSD version 4.3 is "the gateway" to two other new products: GSD GlobalT, a Web-enabled GSD software system for facilitating low-cost, global data transfer; and GSD MobileT, a PDA-based GSD software module for shop floor method verification, cycle checking and production studies.

Ioline Corp. will showcase the Ioline FlexJetT wide-format inkjet printer. The FlexJet prints up to 240 square yards/hour, is compatible with most CAD systems, is made in the United States and is designed for end-user serviceability. Total 10-year projected service costs run less than other brands' annual service contracts, notes Amy McElroy, marketing communications manager.

Juki Union Special will showcase its Juki DP-2100 computer-controlled jacket sleeve setter. The machine is a post-bed type sleeve setter, designed to set tailored and sport jacket sleeves easily with a high quality finished seam. A new "right and left" independent belt feed system, combined with the vertical movement of the intermediate presser mechanism, prevents material from slipping out of position, and helps ensure consistent seam allowance. A compact AC servo motor, automatic thread trimmer, auto reverse sewing and auto foot lift come standard with the DP-2100. The unit operates at sewing speeds up to 3,500 spm, with feed pitch from 1.5 mm to 4 mm. Pointing to low-cost "knock-off" sewing machines and the quality problems they cause as some of the greatest challenges facing Juki Union Special's customers, marketing manager Dorothy Fullam elaborates: "These low-cost units are totally unpredictable and unreliable. . The machine that the customer receives is not always what they were promised, and does not perform as promised."

Kansai Special American Machine Corp. will exhibit its digitally revised picot and flower decorative stitch machine. Going beyond the standard four-point picot stitch, the machine offers a variety of combinations for picot and flower stitch design. These combinations can be entered and stored in the machine's electronic programming system. Up to five basic combinations can be stored in the control panel as default settings, and up to 99 new combinations can be created by using the "edit" function. One process can be programmed to accommodate up to 64 patterns, notes Chester Hadyka, vice president.

Kretzer Scissors will introduce its Finny XXXL Heavy 745 series of scissors in 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch lengths. The lightweight stainless steel scissors feature patented ergonomic soft grip handles, and are designed to prevent blistering, notes James Crawford, national sales manager.

Lectra will feature the latest lineup of CAD/CAM technology solutions and cutting equipment offered under Lectra brands as well as those of recently acquired Investronica Sistemas. Lectra will unveil several new design software applications, including Kaledo Color Developer, a color management solution developed in cooperation with Datacolor. Integrated with Lectra's U4ia and PrimaVision design software and using analog calibration of screens and printers, Kaledo Color Developer is designed to ensure color consistency throughout the supply chain and between different corporate departments. Lectra also will release Kaledo Style, an illustration tool for enabling designers to quickly create garments, test color and fabric combinations and produce storyboards. Using Kaledo Style, designers can incorporate style, sizing and component details about a collection and communicate this information to internal teams and external business partners. Lectra also will demonstrate Mikalis, designed to be a plug-and-play tool to develop and communicate apparel specifications. The firm also will highlight its 3-D visual merchandising, POS and prototyping solutions. Also demonstrated will be Investronica Sistemas' Inves Made to Measure system, including Web-enabled software and single-ply cutting hardware to facilitate production of custom apparel. A full range of Lectra and Investronica cutting machinery, from high-volume to prototype cutters, also will be on display.

Methods Workshop LLC will exhibit Quick TruCost (QTC) version 8.0, with new enhancements including a management report for comparing any number of production facilities for lowest cost and additional input fields for fabric, findings, overhead and duties. "QTC was designed to enhance a company's ability for speed to market by giving [users] a tool for pre-production costing evaluation at the important design stage," notes John Stern, president.

Milliken & Co. will exhibit StainSmartT fabrics, developed using a technology that combines stain repellency with stain release. "Many new 'smart' fabrics are being introduced in the apparel markets today that have been adapted from traditional activewear and other performance fabrics. The challenge is how to educate consumers about the benefits and value of smart fabrics to increase sell-through," notes Lyn Murajda, division brand manager, apparel and specialty fabrics. "Milliken can assist with customized merchandising tools for communicating these benefits, including POS items such as hangtags, garment stickers, rack toppers; and CDs and DVDs for your sales force."

Murata Machinery USA Inc. will discuss how fabrics made from Vortex yarns are designed to be highly absorbent and quick to dry, while offering a soft hand and resistance to pilling. "They hold their shape and dye brilliantly," notes A. David Anderson, district sales manager.

National Machine Products will show ergonomic sewing stands.

OptiTex USA Inc. will showcase its fully adjustable parametric 3-D simulation system, OptiTex 3-D Runway. The company will also feature its 2-D/3-D and 3-D/2-D CAD/CAM program with an integrated PDM solution. OptiTex's programs are designed to convert flat patterns onto adjustable 3-D parametric mannequins so that a "true-to-life" 3-D image of a human wearing a garment can be carefully critiqued for construction, fit and draping before the creation of the first sample. "By seeing your overseas 2-D patterns in 3-D before you produce, you will be able save money, material and time," notes OptiTex's Farida Abbas.

Porini USA will showcase its Collection Development System (CDS), a software solution designed for the creation of collections, lines and prototypes. A design management system, CDS uses a traditional approach with a simple, intuitive user interface focused specifically on product development, pre-production and production processes, and management of business information during the design and pre-production phase, Porini reports. The system facilitates the creation of style specification sheets, the monitoring of development steps and the optimization of performance (costing, time and resources) in the product development process. "Collaboration is not a passing fad," says account executive Ana Friedlander. "It is altering the way companies in the apparel and textile industries are operating. With the arrival of greatly improved electronic trading capabilities, the time is right for companies to embrace the concepts of increased collaboration."

Shore To Shore will unveil its expanded fusible graphics product line, including graphics designed for use on reflective items as well as high-cotton-content fabrics and stretch materials. Fusible graphics are taking the place of traditional tags and labels, and can provide more comfort for the end user, notes Denise Baker, marketing manager.

Source-I will offer full packages in both Asia and Central America. "We offer fabric and yarns as well as sewn products, will clear customs for you and deliver directly to your distribution center," notes Wayne Wilson, president. To meet its customers' challenges, Wilson says Source-I offers full packages in Asia, but also holds fabrics in Central America for filling rush orders. "We own the spinning mills, so this is a full-service opportunity to communicate with just one person, not several people," Wilson adds.

Ted Thorsen LLC will feature the all-plastic BIG PAK, a lightweight, collapsible interplant shipping pallet container which stacks, folds and fits in containers, trailers and warehouse storage racks. The BIG PAK is available in 10 pallet sizes, in heights from 18 inches to 54 inches. "Our manufacturing and distribution customers must provide ever-increasing efficiency and enhanced service in an era of brutal cost competition and ever more aggressive entries from new producing nations around the globe," notes Howard Newman, president.

The Textile/Clothing Technology Corp. [TC]2 will debut its newest generation 3-D body scanner. The scanner occupies 40 percent less space than the previous version, captures greater data density, requires less power and is available at a reduced cost, [TC]2 reports. In conjunction with its 3-D body measurement system, [TC]2 will demonstrate its 3-D to 2-D product development and automatic pattern generation software. See "[TC]2, SPESA to Feature Full-Package Center" for more on [TC]2's presence at the show.

Unicraft Corp. will showcase its sewing machine tables, which it reports are made in the United States yet sell for a price comparable to that of Chinese-made tables. The company also will offer HURRICANE air flotation tables, designed to provide an efficient way to move spreads from the spreading area to the cutting area. "One challenge many cutting rooms face is how to improve their productivity in a cost-effective way," notes Martin Gopman, president. The HURRICANE tables' 3 hp air blowers and plenums distribute air efficiently to lift the heaviest spreads, Gopman says.

TRACY HAISLEY is associate editor of Apparel.

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