New Technologies Boost Efficiency

Efficiency is essential for retailers to provide the best experience and build a strong relationship with their customers. As technology improves, advancements give retailers added convenience both they and their customers need, and the new technologies highlighted here streamline the store environment.

For example, the CP40 mobile computer series from CipherLab improves
efficiency by performing multiple actions including printing receipts and capturing signatures.

SATO’s GY412 direct thermal printer prints both labels and receipt slips, eliminating the need for separate printers. Seiko Instruments’ APU-9000-C kiosk printer is being used in ecoATM’s Automated eCycling Station to print promotions for customers.

The OfficeRunner wireless headset, which is compatible with both phones and computers, makes customer service more efficient by eliminating the need for two different headsets.

et0511a.jpgMobile Advantage
CipherLab’s industrial mobile computers are embedded with Windows Mobile. The lightweight and thin computers offer WWAN (wireless wide area network) technology to enable a retailer to call other stores, WPAN (wireless personal area network) to generate receipts through connection to a portable printer, and the ability to capture signatures. The computers also feature a built-in scanner, camera, phone, Internet access and RFID to provide asset tracking for warehouse management.

All-in-One Printer
The GY412 direct thermal printeret05111b.jpg from SATO integrates multiple types of printing into one machine. With two thermal print heads, the GY412 simultaneously prints on both sides of double-sided coated labels and can print receipt slips and labels, eliminating the need for separate printers for each. The GY412 can be utilized for a number of retail functions, from transportation and logistics applications to e-commerce fulfillment and forms.

et0511c.jpgPrinter Helps Reward Customers for eCycling
ecoATM’s Automated eCycling Station is using the Seiko Instruments APU-9000-C kiosk printer to reward customers for recycling electronics. Customers place used portable electronic devices like mobile phones and MP3 players into the kiosk, which then inspects the devices and provides real-time secondary market evaluation, and prints coupons, gift cards, barcoded adhesive labels and promotions for customers to redeem in the store.

Clearer Communication with Wireless Headset
The OfficeRunner wireless headset allows retailers to use one headset with their phone and computer, removing the need to buy two headsets and continually switch back and forth between them. The totally wireless system features a noise-canceling microphone and high definitionet0511d.jpg sound quality for clearer communication on customer service calls.

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