New Tool Helps E-Comm Shoppers Visualize Products Together

Fluid, Inc., provider of software products and services that enable personalized and customized shopping experiences, introduces Visual Mix & Match™, a software solution that lets digital shoppers dynamically create and visualize bundles of related products, in context and at photorealistic quality.

Fluid Visual Mix & Match brings the best of the real world and digital shopping experiences together, allowing shoppers to seamlessly interchange millions of combinations from entire product lines in a highly visual fashion that was previously not practical at scale.

"From apparel to home decor, shoppers are already mixing and matching in the brick and mortar environment, and they increasingly expect to be able to do the same online," said Kent Deverell, co-founder and CEO of Fluid. "Now this experience can be scaled infinitely, visually combining an unlimited number of products contextually both online and via in-store apps. It represents a step forward in how brands can enhance their customer's experience of their products, not only building customer loyalty, but also increasing Average Order Value and conversion rates as shoppers are better able to visualize what they're buying."

To date, major retail brands like Reebok, JCPenney, PUMA, UGGs and Oakley have all implemented Fluid's product customization technology on their e-commerce flagships. Generation Tux, George Zimmer's new e-commerce tuxedo rental business, was looking for a software partner to create an online shopping experience to engage a new generation of increasingly mobile consumers. They tapped Fluid to deliver a best-in-class visualization experience for tuxedo and suit rentals.

"This technology isn't just about launching a new feature," said Matt Schow EVP of eCommerce and Marketing of Generation Tux. "It's about implementing a new way of doing business. The GenTux Studio brings unparalleled 'high-tech' to a traditionally 'high-touch' experience, updating the industry to meet the demands of today's consumer through a digital-first platform. It is a highly engaging tool and is going to fundamentally change the way people shop online."

Historically apparel has been a difficult category to visualize and curate effectively online, as it hasn't allowed for seamless interchangeability between individual pieces of clothing. This has been a particular challenge for formal wear, which combines multiple layers of accessories to create a look. By leveraging Fluid Visual Mix & Match, Generation Tux has created a state-of-the-art outfit builder tool called the GenTux Studio that allows customers to mix and match components from jackets to cufflinks and everything in between and visualize the creation of their tuxedo in real-time and photorealistic quality.

"It's going to be our number one converting piece of content for sure; it's by far the most differentiating experience on our site from a customer experience standpoint," said Matt Schow of the GenTux Studio visualizer.  "It does a lot of powerful work, and on top of it all, it delights you and puts a smile on your face with all these subtle environmental elements that you won't find anywhere else on the Internet."
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