New Tool Offers Accurate Color Viewing Online

Fashion designers and colorists have a new way to accurately view color as they review Spring 2014 trend intelligence on Precision Textile Color's website,

When designing any product, knowing what colors to use is a critical first step. Color is the element that can inspire, define and create the magic and the mood that sparks and ignites sales. Viewing precise color during the process and understanding how the color will appear under different lighting environments is extremely helpful. However, viewing accurate color on a computer monitor or mobile device has proved challenging. This is because color is displayed through digital RGB values, often with no connection to the actual color of the object in real-life environments such as an office, home or a restaurant, for example.

As an innovative solution, has recorded and stored in a database the actual color measurements of a collection of colors under a myriad of different lighting environments. A visitor to the website can experiment with a color to see the how that color will appear in various situations, creating the first web-based accurate color viewing experience. Behind the scene, it is all made possible through ChromaShare internet-based color management technology.

Accurate Color Trend Forecast
Precision Textile Color enlisted the trend forum Hall Five to provide Spring 2014 trend intelligence for its first fashion clients, making this information viewable by the public via the first-ever accurate color viewing experience online. Designers and color enthusiasts can now view Sophicolor Collections Spring 2014 trend report with the ability to change illuminant, monitor profile and basic format of colors and images.
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