Newgistics & offer FIVE Tips For Spending Economic Stimulus checks wisely

5/29/2008 Poll Reveals 36% of Shoppers Plan to Spend Rather Than Save Their Stimulus Bonus

Austin, TX, Melbourne, Australia- May 27, 2008-Most people have received their economic stimulus checks and more are on the way. With the soaring fuel costs, rising food prices and a slowing economy, many believe consumers will cut back their spending this summer. However, a recent survey found that nearly four in ten people polled (36 percent) say they will shop with the money they received. To avoid having to fill up at the pump this summer, many shoppers will likely go online for the best bargains. And online retailers are doing their part to help-offering bargains and a hassle-free shopping experience to help consumers spend wisely.

Newgistics, Inc., the only provider of a postal-based, intelligent logistics solution, and, the Web's largest provider of online coupons and discount codes for retailers, issued tips for how to shop, without breaking the bank: 

  1. Careful comparison. Look for price-matching policies, some merchants will match or even beat their competitors' prices. Use sites that will do the comparison for you.
  2. Always check for a coupon. Online coupon websites like offer valuable discounts and special offers on everything from food to clothing to electronics. 
  3. Debate the delivery. Choose the delivery option that best meets your needs and budget. Shipping overnight or with a two to three day delivery can cost two to three times the cost of five to seven day delivery.
  4. Stimulus savings. Many sites are offering special discounts and freebies for those shopping with their stimulus checks.
  5. Remember the returns. Shop with retailers that offer convenient return policies, in case you don't pick the right size. Some sites allow you to return from home, so you won't have to fill up the tank to make the return. 

"I shop online out of convenience because it allows me to find great deals and avoid crowded malls with my kids. The 21st century mom is not cutting out coupons, she is surfing the net and saving time and money while doing it," Csilla Dunn, Lewisville, North Carolina.

"In this economy, retailers are really working to help consumers find the most cost effective and easy shopping experience," said Jane Glazer, president, founder and owner of QCI Direct. "HomeTrends offers consumers thousands of products that make life easier by simplifying cleaning, cooking and home care, indoors and out. Our comprehensive inventory and site strives to meet the customers' needs by keeping the driving and hassle to a minimum, while providing them with maximum savings."

About Newgistics, Inc.

Newgistics ( provides direct marketers and retailers with the only postal-based, intelligent logistics solution for forward and returns shipping focused on residential pickup and delivery. Newgistics' flagship solution, SmartLabel, features a dynamic barcode integrated with customer data at the point-of-sale that allows the shipper to populate their CRM systems with their customers' information once the barcode is scanned in the Newgistics process. Newgistics lowers handling and overhead costs, maximizes operational control and drives greater customer satisfaction. Newgistics provides a competitive alternative to the traditional, expensive parcel carriers and drives customer loyalty and increases profitability for leading retailers like Neiman Marcus, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

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