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  • 7/26/2022

    Amazon Piloting Seller Wallet to Give Small Business Brands More Control Over Funds

    Amazon Seller logo on mobile device

    Amazon’s sellers could soon have a more controlled way to convert funds. The company will be piloting a new tool called Amazon Seller Wallet, providing brands with an easier way to hold, view, and transfer Amazon store proceeds directly to their bank account. 

    Amazon Seller Wallet gives selling partners more control over how much and when to convert their funds.

    Still in its early stages, the solution looks to simplify the global Amazon selling experience with a Seller Central platform for small businesses that sell on Amazon. There’s currently no cost or minimum amount, or maintenance fee, associated with the platform. Though volume-based currency conversion and international transfer fees will still apply. 

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    Amazon Seller Wallet is currently available to a select number of small businesses that sell on The company plans to expand the offering to other sellers once it collects feedback and refines the tool over time. In the future, the tool may also have additional capabilities like third-party payments and foreign exchange rate tools. 

    Selling partner Maxwell Sigurdson-Scott, founder of MESS in Canada, has used Amazon Seller Wallet for the past few weeks. “Amazon Seller Wallet has allowed me to easily manage my payouts all within Seller Central. The tool is simple to use and has saved me time and money,” he said.

  • 7/26/2022

    David’s Bridal Takes to TikTok for Interactive Advertising

    David's Bridal storefront

    TikTok is elevating shoppable content to new heights, helping brands to better resonate with consumers and provide an easy way to access products. The latest brand to use this advertising avenue is David’s Bridal, who is using commerce-driven content to streamline the shopping experience. 

    Collaborating with digital advertising platform KERV Interactive and January Digital, the brand’s digital agency partner, David’s Bridal has automated and optimized its shoppable content strategy with performance thus far exceeding the 2x average benchmark for click-through rates, reaching more than 16MM. 

    This is the brand’s latest effort to reach consumers wherever they are through digital touch points. The company has also launched a mobile planning app as well as its Diamond Loyalty program

    "We are always exploring innovative solutions that not only make our customers' shopping experience with us a positive one but also meet them where they are shopping," said Kelly Cook, chief marketing and IT officer of David's Bridal. 

    "We know our customers are on TikTok and they love it. Our Dream Makers (our amazing employees!) also have a passion for TikTok. It's a natural place for us to expand if customers and employees enjoy the content,” Cook added. “We are thrilled to partner with KERV, TikTok, and January Digital to deliver shoppable, compelling content directly on the app and get her into her dream dress."

  • 7/19/2022

    Marks & Spencer Invests in Unified Commerce Tech to Build Robust Omnichannel Experiences

    M&S storefront

    UK high street retailer Marks & Spencer is strengthening its commitment to build robust omnichannel experiences. 

    The company has extended an existing agreement, tacking on another five years with Flooid for its point-of-sale and unified commerce platform. Originally contracted in 2007 to supply software to run point-of-sale and self-checkout across the enterprise, the tech provider will now help Marks & Spencer build out its unified commerce strategy.

    “We originally selected PCMS to replace our aging software in all our store formats. The world has changed a great deal since this time, and our solutions need to wholeheartedly support the growth of our omnichannel offering,” said Paul Airey, head of technology and digital at Marks & Spencer. “We need to be able to serve customers however they want to shop, so we’re delighted that Flooid will enable us to grow our omnichannel capabilities using its basket services.”

    “This enables us to launch new formats like consumer mobile and self-service kiosks quickly while allowing us to create and build our own experiences on top of the Flooid platform,” Airey added.

    Martyn Osborne, CEO EMEA for Flooid, said the company is excited to support the company’s changing business formats and ambition for change and growth over the next several years.

  • 7/17/2022

    Toys“R”Us Making In-Person Return at Macy’s

    Toys R Us in Macy's

    While Toys“R”Us seemingly shuttered its doors in 2018, the beloved toy brand is making its in-person return to all Macy’s locations across America.

    Macy’s partnership with WHP global begins October 15 and will showcase Toys“R”Us in-store shops, ranging from 1,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet. These larger footprints will be in Macy’s flagship locations, which include Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco. Footprints may expand during the holiday season as the brand looks to offer a wider assortment of products.

    As part of the launch, Macy’s will be hosting nine days of in-store events from Oct. 15 to Oct. 23. This will include daily giveaways from brands like Barbie, Lego, and more, as well as family friendly activities.

    The in-store presence will include colorful fixtures and interactive demonstration tables. These Toys“R”Us shops will also feature a photo opportunity with a life-sized “Geoffrey on a Bench.”

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    “Macy’s cannot wait to bring the Toys“R”Us experience to life in our stores,” said Nata Dvir, Macy’s chief merchandising officer. "We hope Toys”R”Us kids of all ages discover the joy of exploration and play within our shops and families create special memories together. The customer response to our partnership with Toys“R”Us has been incredible and our toy business has seen tremendous growth.”

    Toys“R”Us products have been available online exclusively at Macy’s since last August. According to Macy’s reported earnings for the Q1 of 2022, toy sales were 15x higher than the comparable period prior to the Toys”R”Us partnership.

  • 7/13/2022

    99 Cents Only Stores to Provide Personalized Mobile Shopping Experiences


    99 Cents Only Stores LLC is teaming up with Swiftly for its 382 stores across California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, to provide customers with enhanced mobile shopping experiences and generate new advertising revenue for the extreme-value retailer.

    Swiftly technology is powering the 99’s new, intuitive mobile app to provide a connected in-store shopping experience with multi-language capabilities. The app, which is now available for free download on the App Store and Google Play, provides shoppers with products at their home store, exclusive discounts and rewards to boost savings. In addition, 99 Cents Only Stores can unlock new advertising revenue, closed-loop reporting with measurable SKU-level transactions and ad clicks to provide accurate, actionable insights unavailable anywhere else.

    “By leveraging Swiftly’s technology to power its new user-friendly mobile app, 99 Cents Only will create new and engaging ways to drive loyalty through personalized digital experiences that translate across multiple languages,” said Henry Kim, co-founder and CEO of Swiftly. “99 Cents Only is a great example of a brick-and-mortar retailer benefitting from building strong digital customer relationships, while opening up new forms of advertising revenue and incremental sales.”

    The collaboration allows 99 Cents Only Stores to immediately offer a unique, connected shopping experience. This release lays the foundation for future shopper benefits including Delivery and Endless Aisle shopping. 

    The 99 will also provide a seamless way for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to reach customers in a personalized and ultra-targeted digital experience that drives incremental sales. CPG brand partners can use dynamic ad placements, targeted content, sponsored searches, and product recommendations to engage shoppers and boost basket sizes at checkout.

    The Swiftly platform provides a comprehensive and integrated retail media network for brick-and-mortar retailers and brands making the transition to a digitally connected shopping experience. The platform enables retailers to generate new revenue from advertising dollars, brands to yield better analytics and higher return on ad spend, all while offering customers a more personalized and connected shopping experience from online to in-store.

  • 7/12/2022

    RIS Parent Company EnsembleIQ Recognized as a ‘Best Leadership Team’

    EnsembleIQ Top Leadership banner

    EnsembleIQ, parent company of RIS, was recently honored by workplace evaluation firm Comparably in its “Best Leadership Teams” category for driving positive culture change.

    This honor is based on ratings voluntarily and anonymously submitted to Comparably by EnsembleIQ employees about the performance of the company leadership team. Those rated included direct managers and senior leaders, who all received “A” level grades during the past 12 months.

    “The leadership team is approachable and open to new suggestions and ideas. They make themselves available to the team at-large and encourage / motivate us to perform our best,” posted one employee. Another stated, “Communication is excellent! I am asked to participate in any meeting or event that can help my growth and knowledge of the company.”

    “This evaluation clearly illustrates that our team members value how company leaders have created a positive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diversity of our employees,” said EnsembleIQ chief executive officer Jennifer Litterick said. 

    “Prioritizing positive culture change has strengthened the core of our organization. Our leaders are providing a supportive, flexible, and development-driven environment for employees to innovate and drive growth by delivering actionable business intelligence and connections to retail, healthcare, and hospitality business professionals and solution providers,” she added.

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    Culture is an essential component of EnsembleIQ attracting top-tier talent. In addition to utilizing Comparably for cultural assessment, EnsembleIQ provides a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council with 35 people serving on three employee-driven task forces focused on Community, Cultural Competence, and Cultural Belonging. 

    The company also provides two volunteer days per year and a platform to find in-person or remote volunteer opportunities that are individual or team based, monthly leadership training, a wellbeing program with a mental health focus, and a feedback culture where employees receive feedback every week. 

    “Company culture is driven by the organization’s leadership team,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. “Sentiments expressed by EnsembleIQ employees clearly illustrate they greatly appreciate the outstanding leadership that has driven positive change to provide a culture in which they thrive.”

    EnsembleIQ previously was honored by Comparably as a Best Place to Work in Chicago, where the company is headquartered.

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