NGC Release RedHorse 2009 Apparel ERP Software

NGC (New Generation Computing) releases RedHorse 2009, an ERP solution for apparel, footwear and fashion. RedHorse 2009 offers secure Web access and Web-based reporting, which allows authorized users to generate and view RedHorse reports from any location via the Web. This allows them to securely access and review business information, such as current inventory levels. In addition, authorized customers may also use secure Web access to enter orders, collaborate and review the status of orders.

RedHorse 2009 includes additional query capabilities and reporting enhancements, such as the ability to schedule reports to run at specified times. It also offers reporting flexibility through the use of SQL reporting services and core datamarts that allow information to be analyzed in many different formats.

Other features include:

Secure credit card pre-approval and processing - Wholesalers and manufacturers can now offer the convenience of credit card payment to their customers. This provides a flexible alternative to factoring and/or accounts receivable collections, with the assurance that credit is pre-approved prior to manufacturing or shipping the goods. 

- Multi-currency selling - RedHorse 2009 supports multiple currencies, allowing companies to extend their customer base to other countries in order to increase sales and open up new markets. The multi-currency selling feature starts with order entry and extends all the way through to accounts receivable. 

- Single sign-in access to SQL Series. RedHorse 2009 supports single sign-in access via the newly developed SQL Portal to any of NGC's SQL Series products - RedHorse, e-PLM and e-SPS for Global Sourcing and Visibility. The SQL Portal also allows users to access the RedHorse dashboard, allowing them to view real-time business data and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

- Support for pre-packs - Inventory of pre-packed products and the ability to take orders and invoice for pre-packs is included in RedHorse 2009. 

- Third-party software integration - The new release provides full software integration with the Demand Solutions planning suite from Demand Management, Inc. (DMI) and with the Foxfire Warehouse Management System (WMS).