Nielsen Welcomes Cuddle to Connect Partner Network

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Nielsen Welcomes Cuddle to Connect Partner Network


Nielsen has brought on a new AI and analytics platform provider to its Connect Partner Network: Cuddle.

Cuddle, founded in 2016 and a subsidiary of Fractal, enables retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to activate Nielsen data at a new level. Its AI-powered, voice-enabled business analytics platform automatically detects patterns in enterprise data and alerts users on what they need to know before asking.

As a network partner, Cuddle’s AI will continuously scan Nielsen data for important insight, such as unusual share changes and their root causes. For example, customers can be notified of an abnormal share change for a bestselling SKU or competitors’ pricing activity, and Cuddle will also automatically find out the possible root causes for effects and send them to the responsible brand manager.

Cuddle’s AI-powered Analytics Co-Pilot can also help customers navigate Nielsen data to ID what actions need to be taken, and when.

“AI is now front and center of our daily life. Most of today’s automobiles use AI to detect blind-spots, measure driver alertness and detect lane departures,” said Natwar Mall, Cuddle CEO. “These features prevent accidents and make the driving experience fun. In much the same way, Cuddle acts as a business leader’s co-pilot, working with Nielsen data to transform how they consume data, ensuring there are no business ‘accidents,’ and that leaders don’t miss out on new business opportunities.”

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