Nielsen's New Data Solutions Leverage VR and AR

Lisa Johnston
Editor-in-Chief, CGT
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Nielsen is now offering a suite of solutions using gaming technologies to help retailers transform their in-store operations.

The trio of offerings includes: SmartShelf, a virtual retail shelf and planogram testing tool; SmartStore, an immersive VR tool that can transform in-store testing; and SmartShopper, an interactive shopper marketing tool using augmented reality to uncover in-store shopping behaviors.

SmartShelf, developed through a collaborative alliance with InContext Solutions, is designed to enable companies to continue to safely and quickly design and test aisle, category and shelf scenarios, without physical store testing. Using passive data and active survey insights, they can gain a better understanding of the how, what and why behind at-shelf shopping behavior, to strategically plan and effectively create the most optimal shelf design for today’s shopper needs.

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InContext’s 3D virtual simulation software for retail environments combined with Nielsen’s data provides SmartShelf with the ability to test numerous, iterative scenarios and size the value of the shopper impact on brand and category.

SmartStore enables consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to create and test customized, in-store shopping simulations and scenarios within a dynamic, 3D, 360-degree total store environment. Its immersive simulations are designed to help CGs measure, evaluate and optimize a range of retail concepts, including multiple shelf layouts and locations, point of sale (POS) designs, promotion displays, packaging options and whole store designs.

Tracking beyond just eye movements, SmartStore provides a read on shopper head, eye and foot movements, in addition to providing a 3D heat map of the store, shelf or aisle. With a 360-degree controller and headset tracking, realistic graphics, directional audio and HD haptic feedback, SmartStore simulates realistic first-person movement and actions within a virtual world.

SmartShopper, available in July, will help companies identify and uncover in-store shopper behaviors. Using augmented reality, this smartphone-enabled, shopper marketing tool allows for product images, in-store marketing artwork, seasonal or special event concepts to be tested by shoppers in-store using interactive gaming technology. 

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