Nike Tops Socialbakers' List of "Socially Devoted" Brands on Twitter

Results of Socialbakers' latest Socially Devoted brand survey for Twitter (Q1 2013) reveal Nike to be the U.S. brand to beat, dominating the top 10 U.S. list with four different Nike handles. Socialbakers, a social media measurement and analytics firm, monitors the most responsive brands on social media each quarter. 

While @JetBlueAirways, representing airlines, and @NokiaCareUS, for telecom, take the #2 and #4 spots, respectively, they are surrounded by brands in banking, sporting goods, food, cloud computing and, a Q1 favorite, tax prep.  On Facebook, the most Socially Devoted U.S. brands in Q1 2013 were uniformly telecoms and airlines, industries where online customer service has become critically important to their business.

"Twitter enables a certain open conversation, and allows brands to address their customers' needs immediately and directly.  More and more brands are appreciating the value of utilizing social media, and Twitter in particular, to relate to their customers and address their concerns.  These companies should be celebrated," says Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers.

Interestingly, @NikeSupport can also be found at #4 on the Worldwide list of Socially Devoted Twitter Brands, which is otherwise all telecom and airline.

Overall, worldwide, there has been an incredible increase in response rates on Twitter since Socialbakers began measuring (click on graphic for larger version). Although the telecommunications, airline and finance industries tend to always score highly, the fashion and retail industries have been gaining traction too. It shows that companies now take Twitter seriously as a communication channel.
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