NILIT Breeze Performance Fiber Aims at Sportswear, Shapewear

NILIT, a global manufacturer of nylon 6.6, says its revolutionary, patent-pending NILIT Breeze specialty yarn is available as a performance fiber for sportswear, hosiery, underwear, shapewear, socks, outerwear and workwear. Available in specially textured and flat nylon 6.6 yarns, NILIT Breeze fabrics have been proven to cool wearers' body temperature by almost one degree Celsius in comparison to fabrics created with standard fibers.

NILIT Breeze's cooling effect comes from a special cross-section, the insertion of an inorganic additive in the polymer itself and a unique texturing process. This combination gives fabrics efficient ventilation capabilities as well as UV protection. As a result, garments made with NILIT Breeze keep the wearer more comfortable during and after physical activity.

In addition to its benefits for activewear, NILIT Breeze brings shapewear and hosiery to the next level. Products made with NILIT Breeze are soft, flexible, smooth and fit the body"s contours to move with the wearer. They also provide
comfort, control and elegance by keeping the wearer cool in the heat of summer.

Independent testing was performed by the Centexbel textile research center. A copy of the certificate is available upon request from NILIT.
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