Nordstrom Expands Mobile POS Functionality in Chain-wide Deployment

Nordstrom has implemented mobile POS devices in all full-line stores and will continue to expand the functionality of those devices. Three quarters of traditional fixed POS capabilities can now be done on the mobile devices, helping to provide a better customer experience in terms of personalization and speed.
"We've got a number of different initiatives to improve the service we're giving through mobile devices both in our stores and outside the store," said Nordstrom EVP James Nordstrom, during a recent conference call. "We're improving the speed and quality at which we can get merchandise to customers. A lot of tools and, frankly, the talent we need to be able to improve the service we're giving through our online efforts are some of the things we're investing in this year."
The company continues to maintain focus on e-commerce and mobility, and with initiatives like free shipping, online shopping has improved greatly. Average order size, units per order, and cross-shopping across the website are also on the rise.
Overall, Nordstrom customers are spending more time in stores while the company broadens the customer experience with consistency across channels. A growing brand selection has proven beneficial, with top performers like handbags, designer and cosmetics.

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