Nordstrom Upgrades Multi-Channel Merchandising

Nordstrom announces plans to upgrade its IT infrastructure, which includes making enhancements to its merchandising systems as well as its multi-channel business.

"We are evolving our multi-channel capabilities to enable us to serve the customer on their terms," said Blake Nordstrom, principal executive officer, president and director, Nordstrom.

Nordstrom continues, "We're learning a lot from our shared inventory capabilities and developing additional tools to enhance the total shopping experience. We know our customers don't see a difference between, our catalogs or our stores. We will keep working to become more seamless across all channels and give our customers more options to shop with us. Multi-channel is really about improving customer service, which is fundamental to our approach to the business."

"We will continue to invest in the business, which includes our ongoing commitment to merchandise systems, store growth, remodels and improve technology," adds Michael Koppel, CFO and EVP, Nordstrom.
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