A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November 2017.

November 2017

  • 7 Retailers Using IoT to Power Their Digital Transformation

    IoT is exploding and is changing the way people interact with their physical surroundings, each other and retailers. Read on and discover seven cutting-edge retailers leading the IoT charge.
  • Retooling the Global Supply Chain

    Download this Roadmap report and discover how implementing cutting-edge solutions like digital sourcing, blockchain, IoT and RFID are helping retailers track product throughout the supply chain and get a leg up on the competition.
  • 2017 Mobile Product & Solution Guide: Mobile's Unstoppable Rise

    Learn how leading retailers are leveraging mobility throughout the enterprise to improve customer and associate engagement, streamline operations and increase the bottom line.
  • 2018 Tech Innovators

    RIS News’ highlights the trend-setting solution providers and technologies that are illuminating retail's future.
  • Employee Engagement: Train & Retain

    Download this Trendagram to discover how engaging in-store associates can improve their loyalty and help them become advanced customer advisors, leading to better customer engagement.
  • 5 Retailers With the Best Customer Experience

    In today’s highly competitive retail landscape only those retailers that provide an engaging and memorable customer experience can thrive. See which five retailers are consistently providing a superior experience.
  • Nielsen, Walmart and Jet.com Team Up on Data Sharing

    Nielsen will be the sole provider of data of the mega retailer's “Walmart One Version of Truth” program, while Jet.com will become a co-operator in Nielsen's e-commerce measurement service. Learn what this expanded relationship means for manufacturers, vendors and business partners alike.
  • Managed Services: Solving Tech Disruption

    Download this Trendagram to discover how managed services provide relief to IT departments and lessen downtime as retail goes through a digital transformation.
  • How Walmart is Rolling Out Robots in 50 Stores to Help Stock Inventory

    Walmart is rolling out shelf-scanning robots to 50 U.S. stores to replenish inventory faster and free up time for associates. Learn the details of this new tech.
  • A Guide to the Complex Web of Functions in an Omnichannel Suite

    The evolution of the retail industry made way for omnichannel retailing and, most recently, a need for unified commerce. But most enterprise merchandise management systems are not architected in a manner that brings the pieces of functionality in a cohesive, timely way. Here is a comprehensive list of the functions that result in a powerful overall suite.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November 2017.