Now You Can Sign Up for a ".shopping" Domain Name

Donuts Inc. has opened the "dot-shopping" (.shopping) domain extension to the public, providing online retailers, brands, businesses and shopping enthusiasts with yet another opportunity to craft meaningful digital identities using "not-com" domain names.

Following the 2015 holiday season, during which U.S.-based e-commerce sales grew more than 7 percent, retailers continue to seek opportunities to stand out and attract online customers in a competitive market.

"With e-commerce sales on track to reach $400 billion by 2018, it's important for retailers to differentiate themselves in every way possible," said Paul Stahura, Donuts CEO and co-founder. "The 'dot-shopping' name gives sellers a fresh canvas for establishing descriptive and relevant online identities for their products, services and operations and a way to stand out from the competition."

Stahura added, "There are new retailers coming online every day that can use a "dot-shopping" domain name to communicate who they are and what they do. Brands can also use a 'dot-shopping' domain to point to their existing website, or for a marketing or promotional site." and are two examples of companies that are using the "dot-shopping" extension to supplement their brands, redirecting shoppers to their existing homepages. In addition to these, established brands like Gucci, Nike, Patagonia, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Victoria Beckham and others booked more than 400 registrations during the recently concluded 60-day Sunrise period.

The launch of "dot-shopping" follows dozens of other retail-oriented domain name endings that are specific, meaningful and memorable, including "dot-style" (.style), 'dot-boutique' (.boutique) and 'dot-clothing' (.clothing).,, and are a few examples of sites that have already adopted innovative new domain names.

"Now that these 'not-com' options are available, businesses and individuals can choose domain names that are highly creative to the left of the dot, and extremely specific to the right of the dot," Stahura said. "With a domain name ending like 'dot-shopping,' you're telling the world exactly what kind of service you provide to your customers."

Since January 2014, Donuts has registered more than 2 million domain names and generated over $100 million in bookings. More than half of all domains worldwide are registered outside the 'dot-com' extension, with over 10,000 new not-com domains registered every day—roughly one every 10 seconds.