NRF 2012: How Ralph Lauren Keeps a Classic Brand Modern

How can a retailer retain its hard-won brand equity while still staying up to speed in today's fractured, short-attention-span environment? David Lauren, EVP of advertising, marketing and corporate communications for Ralph Lauren, will reveal how the company achieves this balance with a combination of "merchantainment," marketing and digital technology in the NRF 2012 Super Session "Keeping a Classic Brand Modern."

For more than 44 years, Ralph Lauren's distinctive image has been developed across an expanding group of products, brands and international markets. David Lauren is responsible for the company's marketing strategy, which blends commerce and culture into "merchantainment." Lauren helps keep the iconic brand up-to-date with 360-degree marketing initiatives that encompass multiple channels, branding a lifestyle while attracting and retaining customers.

At this session, Lauren will explore his vision of how he wants the Ralph Lauren brand to continue to unfold in the digital space, using technology to further expand the brand's philosophy.

· When: Tuesday, 1/17/2012, 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM, Room North Hall

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