NRF 2012: Saks, Guitar Center CEOs Close Super Sessions

Super Sessions will close with a bang at this year's Big Show with a special panel of major retail CEOs. Titled "Retail Never Sleeps — Delivering Transformative Leadership," this session on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 11 AM in the North Hall, will feature CEOs from Saks, Burberry, Petco and Guitar Center who will discuss how the ability to develop and properly utilize future leaders can lead to success in retail's dynamic marketplace.
As retail landscapes are quickly redefined, so is the role of retail leaders. Shifting buying patterns, emerging product trends and the growth of new sales channels have influenced the evolution of required skill sets for future leaders.
This Super Session, moderated by Stephen Sadove, CEO of Saks, will engage the experienced minds of some of retail's foremost and innovative CEOs: Angela Ahrendts of Burberry, Brian Devine of Petco and Marty Albertson of Guitar Center. The panel will examine the evolution of required skill sets, discuss next-generation backgrounds and provide a board-level vision of transformative leadership for the global retail industry.
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