NRF 2020: Digging in on the Tech Driving Today’s CX Disruption


The annual NRF BIG Show is the biggest, baddest event in retail and technology. With 800 exhibitor booths, 200 sessions and 40,000 people spread across four football fields of convention center carpet, it’s truly the Super Bowl for many in the industry.

It’s also complete sensory overload and impossible to digest in just three days. “What You Missed at NRF 2020: It's All About the Customer” webinar, hosted by RIS News and presented by Aptos, is your guide to the major trends that emerged at the show and the takeaways that you were too busy to absorb.

The webinar also features learnings from Aptos’ Customer Experience and Overall Integration indexes, deriving boots-on-the-ground research from over 90 retailer brands to measure the breadth and personalization of their integrated omnichannel experiences.

Learn more about:

  • Where retailers are struggling when it comes to integration
  • The striking differences between mobile app and mobile site experiences
  • The gap in fulfillment flexibility
  • Holiday sales trends insight
  • The unusual and unexpected evolution of brick-and-mortar
  • The practicality of delivering customized experiences
  • The most disruptive technology at NRF 2020

Don’t miss these invaluable insights. The transcript and presentation slides are below.

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