October 2018

  • Transitioning to Customer Centricity

    The eighth annual CIO of the Year Awards honors the retail industry’s most influential and inventive retail technologists. Uncover who took home the hardware in four distinct categories, as well as which long-time retail technologist was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • Raising Your Price Strategy IQ

    Examine how maximizing price optimization and AI minimizes relying on traditional methods of gut feeling and guesswork.
  • Unified Commerce Drives Faster Fulfillment

    Retailers are searching for the keys to the fastest, best fulfillment methods that will set them apart from the competition. Download this Trendagram to learn the four pillars that hold the key to agile operations and satisfied shoppers.   
  • 2019 Retail Tech Innovators

    Discover four cutting-edge technology innovators that are brightening the retail landscape, helping to bring their retail clients into the future of shopping.
  • Hip, Hip, Hooray For the CIO of the Year

    The annual CIO of the Year awards is a labor of love. While the buildup to the event takes significant time, the actual awards presentation goes by in a flash.
  • Why Today’s Networks Must Be Fast, Secure, and Powerful

    Many retailers are challenged to keep up with burgeoning consumer demands due to network architecture limitations. Download the latest chapter in the RIS Explorer Series to learn what you can do about it.
  • Scenes From the Retail Experience Summit

    The industry’s elite gathered at RES 2018 last week to explore the changing retail dynamic and how to provide consumers with a differentiated, tech-filled experience. Check out this photo montage from the retail event of the season.
  • CIO of the Year Awards Winners Announced

    At the Retail Experience Summit, RIS honored six of the industry’s greatest innovators and visionaries at its annual CIO of the Year Awards. See which retail technology leaders took home the well-deserved hardware.
  • Grocery Tech Trends Study: Digital Transformation Accelerates

    Benchmark research shows grocers are embracing the evolving role of technology as a tool that optimizes decision making, learns as it goes, recommends next-best actions, and reacts faster than ever before.
  • Evolution of the Next-Gen POS

    Examine the disruptive forces fueling a massive amount of POS activity today and the desire to shift to a new platform architecture for the future.