OfficeMax Launches Same Day Pickup of Online Orders

Combining the convenience of online shopping and the neighborhood store, OfficeMax announces the launch of same day pickup of online orders. The new service is free, requires no minimum purchase, and it is available for select products at select stores.

The way the service works is that a customer chooses the product she wants on the website and then gets information informing her about its availability. This information includes store location, distance and hours.

Using this knowledge the customer can select the product and store with one click, add it to the cart, and pay for it. At this point the order will be bagged and waiting for pickup at the OfficeMax store ImPress Print Center counter. 

"This is part of an enhanced multi-channel experience that allows customers to shop seamlessly between and our stores at no additional charge," says Jim Barr, OfficeMax executive vice president and chief digital officer. "Whether they are preparing for the holidays or running a small business, our customers value convenience and access to the widest product selection. With OfficeMax Online Store Pickup, they can shop online anywhere, anytime, with the abiltiy to pick up select orders that same day without having to pay shipping charges."

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