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Brett Biggs, EVP and CFO of Walmart, discussed at the dbAccess Global Consumer Conference how investments in both front-facing and back-end technology help Walmart work differently as a company. Find out how the retailer has changed as a result of its new retail tech.

Walmart is testing a new way to appease online grocery shoppers that prefer self-service. The retail giant has rolled out an automated kiosk in Oklahoma City that allows shoppers to pick up groceries any day or time. Find out how it works.

Walmart buys another online born brand and appoints its founder to oversee exclusive consumer brands offered online. Find out more about the move and the talent it brings.

Walmart is testing six unified commerce approaches in two new stores to enhance the customer experience through technology. Industry experts tell RIS News what this move means for Walmart and the future of retail.

Target is planning to simplify things for its customers by condensing one of its apps into the other, as well as adding new features this summer. Uncover what the retailer has in store.

RIS News briefs you on the latest news in retail so you'll be able to chime in at the water cooler. Don't miss the latest news from J. Crew, Sears, Target, RangeMe and more. Give us five minutes and make your day smarter.

The Best Buy 2020: Building the New Blue strategic initiative looks to blend new technology and services to set Best Buy up for the next decade. Learn the four priorities Best Buy has planned this year as the program kicks off.

Flexible order fulfillment is critical to TUMI customers – many of whom purchase in airport locations, necessitating fulfillment scenarios such as buy in-store and ship-to-home. Find out how the travel retailer is meeting this challenge head on.

RIS News recently had the pleasure of recognizing Michael Relich, COO of Crate and Barrel , for his contribution to retail by naming him to our "Top 10 Movers and Shakers in Retail." The following is the exclusive Q&A obtained for the article.

Unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel by breaking down the walls between internal channel silos and leveraging a common commerce platform to deliver a holistic, real-time, personal customer experience.

Nordstrom, Inc. plans to invest 40% of its capital plan towards modernizing its tech platform, delivering digital and mobile enhancements, and expanding its fulfillment network. Read on to uncover the retailer's additional plans to modernize the customer experience.

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