Launches Gift Card Program

11/3/2008 launches a new gift card program just in time for the holiday season., along with partner brands Woman Within, Roaman's, Jessica London, KingSize and BrylaneHome now offer gift cards and e-cards. The plastic gift cards have a unique design on the face of the card for each of the participating brands. When the customer orders a gift card, it arrives to the designated recipient in a card carrier with a personalized message. For the e-cards, there are as many as 8 different creative options per brand. E-cards are delivered to the designated recipient via e-mail and also include a personalized message.

To create a more streamlined shopping experience, both the plastic gift cards and the e-cards will have a stored balance which means the customer is to use the card multiple times until the balance is zero. In addition, as an added benefit and convenience, there is a "check balance" function on each participating brand's Web site so customers can see how much value is left on their gift card to spend.

The company plans to actively market this new gift card program through a multi-channel launch including Web, marketing e-mails, service e-mails, print and call platform. Due to the timing, these holiday-specific messages will be targeted to holiday shoppers.
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