Online Fashion Retailer Bonobos Selects Gerber Technology's YuniquePLM

Gerber Technology has announced that the fast-growing internet retailer Bonobos Inc. has selected the YuniquePLM product lifecycle management (PLM) software solution for implementation at its New York headquarters. Specializing in better fitting men's clothes, Bonobos is deploying the new software to streamline operations and enable more efficient growth and product line expansion.
"We are projecting that our business will double in 2010," noted Michael Hondorp, senior manager PR/Marketing at Bonobos. "To achieve this, we are significantly expanding into new product categories and constantly innovating with all our products. YuniquePLM will help our product team better organize and simplify the development process.
"While PLM will naturally aid our design and development efforts," he said, "we are also looking to leverage it to enhance customer service and marketing functions. This will help us achieve efficient, state-of-the-art processes in all areas of our business."
Bonobos accomplishes all design and product development with an in-house product team. Finished products are sourced globally from best-in-class production facilities in proximity to primary fabric sources. A nimble company with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bonobos releases new products and styles through its online channel as frequently as once or twice per week.
Bonobos product teams will be aided greatly in keeping up with the company's fast growth and rapid cycles through the use of the solution's digital libraries, information management capabilities and digital line lists.
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