OptiTex to Leverage NVIDIA Technologies

OptiTex has joined forces with NVIDIA, provider of visual computing technologies, to advance mutual research and development efforts.

"Our technologies are allowing virtual designers within the video game industry to benefit from the unique tools OptiTex already provides to the textile industries," states Ran Machtinger, president and CEO of OptiTex Ltd. "By combining our design solution with NVIDIA's unique graphics processing unit (GPU), we're now at the forefront of bringing more lifelike simulation to video screens worldwide."

OptiTex reports that its CAD/CAM technology is poised to add new dimensions of reality to video avatar movement via its customizable, easy-to-use virtual design system depicting true-to-life fabric motion. 

NVIDIA's new CUDA technology enables its GPU to resolve complex computational problems. With 240-processor cores, computing with GPUs provides an unprecedented level of power and includes a complete suite of developer tools, the company reports.

for more information: www.optitex.com
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