OptiTex, [TC]2 Enhance Software for Tulips

OptiTex has implanted a new extension for reading OBJ geometry from [TC]2's new "avatar from 3D scan" feature, in response to a request from its customer Tulips, a manufacturer of luxury lingerie.

Tulips is a Belgian-based company with a production facility in Asia. It uses an NX-16 3D body scanner from [TC]2 at its Belgian Facility to obtain personalized body measurements, and asked OptiTex to add the new OBJ geometry reader to its software.

In addition to augmenting Tulips' software, OptiTex will also include the extension in its standard default import/export format files list in its 3D Runway Designer solution. OptiTex has supported customers using 3D body scanners and [TC]2 technologies since 2005.

Tulips says the enhancement will provide cost savings by eliminating fabric waste and improving time to market.

for more information: www.optitex.com, www.tc2.com
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