OptiTex Unveils New Software Module CutPlan

OptiTex has introduced its most recent module for the fashion industry, CutPlan, that it reports allows OptiTex users to control their costs by dramatically reducing material waste. The solution reduces the number of remnant pieces and allows companies to better control production costs when handling smaller order sizes.
CutPlan provides production with detailed spreading information for multi-color plies and a nesting engine for maximum market efficiency, OptiTex reports. With the CutPlan software, manufacturers' orders can be produced with more accuracy and optimal detail. OptiTex CutPlan software complements OptiTex's already existing Marker and Nesting modules. Nest++2 drastically increases material efficiency, elevates overall nesting standards and reduces time and labor.
The CutPlan software helps the user define fabric quantities, properties, size, cost and weight. The software then provides accurate cost production calculations in the form of real time Excel and XML file reports for all the stored data and nested MRK files.
for more information: www.optitex.com
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