Oracle POS Update Enhances Card Data Security

Oracle announced a new release of Oracle Retail Point-of-Service to help retailers improve the customer experience and simplify the payment process across global markets. The latest version of Oracle Retail Point-of-Service uses a common and open interface that provides easier integration for multiple international payment partners, uses tokenization to further secure customer card data and supports greater international functionality and security. The new release also delivers greater efficiency for store associates and simplifies deployments through expanded integrations with Oracle and third-party solutions.
“Globalization is one of the primary sources of growth for retailers, and Oracle Retail Point-of-Service is focused on helping retailers quickly serve new markets while localizing offerings and providing a key component for cross-channel retailing,” said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail. “This release of Oracle Retail Stores demonstrates our ongoing commitment to lead the industry in meeting the needs of retailers now and in the future.”
Enabling Commerce Across Global Markets
Payment authorization is one of the most complex and labor-intensive challenges for international retailers. To simplify and consolidate payment authorization, Oracle Retail Point-of-Service now provides an Authorized Payment Foundation. The Authorized Payment Foundation is a secure and flexible application programming interface that isolates the authorization process from the Point-of-Service and enables integration with payment processing solutions from industry leaders such as ACI Worldwide and Servebase.

Retailers that take advantage of the Authorized Payment Foundation will have a configurable, extensible and hot-pluggable localization foundation necessary to address the ever-changing requirements for payment authorization that supports payment devices and multiple gateway and switch providers around the world.
Using Biometrics to Improve Security
To strengthen and simplify PCI compliance, the latest release of Oracle Retail Point-of-Service uses integrated biometrics from DigitalPersona, a leading global provider of authentication and endpoint protection for access, data and communication, to allow operators to login using their fingerprint. The biometrics features solve the operational challenge of PCI compliant passwords by replacing PINs or passwords with the touch of a fingerprint and eliminate the opportunity for an unauthorized employee to use a manager’s ID or swipe card to access the Point-of-Service or inappropriately approve an override.
Speeding Transactions and Improving Store Operations
Oracle Retail Point-of-Service now includes image-based quick reference screens that allow a cashier to easily add an item to the transaction by viewing pictures or icons. This eliminates the need for cashiers to consult a “Scan Book” to find item numbers, which can slow down the checkout process.
To further improve checkout, the new release extends integration with Oracle Retail Price Management to improve the configurability of threshold-based promotions, such as, “buy two get one free” and “equal or lesser value” promotions. Oracle Retail Point-of-Service also now enables store managers to preview point-of-service reports at anytime, without sending the entire report to print. It delivers user interface improvements such as more visible status and transaction totals and highlights where input is needed from the store associate.
ACI Worldwide, DigitalPersona and Servebase are Gold level members in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

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