O'Reilly Adds SKUs Worth $100 Million to Stores

Not content with provinding its nearly 3,600 stores with the ability to obtain thousands of auto parts within a day, O'Reilly Automotive is undergoing a SKU rationalization initiative that will add $100 million worth of highly targeted SkUs to stores to offer immediate sales opportunities.

Gregory Henslee, CEO and president of O'Reilly, reports the $5.8 billion retailer is haflway through the project. "Our goal remains to have the parts our customers want on our store shelves even more than we do today," said Henslee in an earnings call, "and to rely less heavily on pickups from an advanced hub and distribution center network."

Initially, the project was pegged at the $80 million level, but "as we progressed with the project, we determined we have additional opportunities to enhance our customer service levels," said Henslee.

In addition to the SKU rationalization project, O'Reilly recently completed the rollout of a proprietary electronic catalog to all stores and it continues to add functionality to the e-commerce site to nurture growing sales.
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