Overstock.com Optimizes Twitter Presence, Launches CheapTweet Stores

CheapTweet.com, a Twitter-based deals search engine, announces the release of CheapTweet Stores, a new feature that provides brands and retailers on Twitter more control over their branding and content as well as increased visibility of their deals on CheapTweet.com and via web search.

CheapTweet Stores, the Web site's first professional offering, are targeted at e-commerce brands and multi-channel retailers looking to maximize their existing Twitter presence. With CheapTweet Stores, organizations can better manage their multiple Twitter accounts and more effectively communicate with consumers. Benefits include:

- Consistent corporate branding. A CheapTweet Store is a branded, searchable index hosted on CheapTweet.com, including both deal tweets and general tweets from an organization's multiple Twitter accounts.

- Maximizing Twitter presence. A CheapTweet Store complements an organization's Twitter presence by making it easy for customers to find and act on deals shared on Twitter - even if a user doesn't subscribe to that organization's Twitter stream or missed the original deal tweet.

- Reaching the "ready-to-buy" consumer. The majority of CheapTweet visitors are already looking to buy and are simply searching for the best price. A CheapTweet Store puts deals in front of these customers who are ready to make a purchase with the best deal they can find.

"The Overstock.com Store from CheapTweet enables us to pull all our twitter deal postings into one central location and in front of the eyes of the many CheapTweet users" says Patrick Byrne, Overstock.com Chairman and CEO. "Social media, including Twitter, is a key initiative for us to interact directly with our customers and share special discounts with our most loyal shoppers. With CheapTweet, we get our deals in front of an established audience of enthusiastic online bargain hunters."
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